Care Instructions for your Randam Art Items

Accent Lamps/Art Lights (Stained Glass Style Bottle Lamps)

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your art lamp please follow these care instructions.

To Clean: Wipe with soft dry, or damp cloth only. Do not soak or scrub. DO NOT USE chemical cleaners or abrasives. Do not immerse in water.

Indoor Use Only: Your lamp is intended for regular indoor use only and may be damaged if used outside for more than a short temporary period.

STORAGE: Improper care can cause damage to the painted surface of your lamp. Care should be taken to wrap
and pack carefully as you would for any breakable item. The ‘dimensional’ style lamp has additional care instructions. Remember to remove batteries from battery operated lamps before long term storage.

Dimensional Paint Style: Some art lights are created with dimensional paint. It is a normal property of the paint to be soft; this will harden over time but may always have some give to the paint. Be sure not to wrap in such a way that any hard object is pressed into the paint as it may cause damage. When wrapping or storing make sure that the light plug (or any other hard object) does not press heavily onto the surface of the paint. Wrap the plug well in bubble wrap or some other packaging that will shield the hard edges from the lamp. Do not store with heavy or sharp objects resting on top of the lamp. For long term storage remove batteries (if battery powered) or remove lights or unplug the base of the lamp and warp separately.

Light or Battery Replacement

String lights: These are removable. Remove slowly from the back of the bottle being careful not to pull hard on the lights. Gently pull out each bulb one at a time. Per the instructions that accompany these lights – Do not leave light on unattended. Bottle may get warm with prolonged use especially in warm climates or used near heat sources. As with any light you should use caution. Do not plug in if cord becomes damaged.
Replace lights if necessary. We do not recommend string lights be used for children if left unattended. If replacing the light string do not use more than 10 count incandescent or 20 count LED strings.

Plug in wooden bases: These bases are made to hold a single LED spotlight which is available from Ikea stores worldwide (Ledberg). The light has a lifetime of approx. 25,000 hours. To access the light for any reason unscrew the acrylic disc. Light will then twist and detach from the mounting and can be replaced if needed.

Battery wooden bases (multi coloured): These contain an RGB colour changing LED Light with a remote control. They operate with AA or AAA batteries. To access the light remove the acrylic disc, take out the light and twist open to access and replace the batteries as needed.

Battery cork stopper lights: These lights operate with 3 LR44 batteries (included) and have an on/off switch on the cork (top) for easy control. The manufacturer states they will light for 52 continuous hours per set of batteries. To replace batteries unscrew the screw on the battery cover, then remove the cover to access the battery compartment.

Battery wooden bases (Push Light): To operate the push light simply remove the acrylic disc covering the opening on the base (this is not stuck down), and push down on the top of the push light to turn the light on or off. Battery replacement is in the bottom of the push light (it is not stuck down). Then replace the acrylic disc and place the lamp onto the base. Place your lamp in your preferred location and enjoy!


If your hand painted bottle light came with a battery operated light in a hand made wooden base, this may be changed to an electric plug in light at any time as the base was made to accommodate this change.

Ikea sells a single LED spotlight (LEDBERG) that this base was designed to accommodate should you wish to replace the battery light with a plug in light. The LEDBERG spotlight cord disconnects from the light allowing you to thread the cord through the hole in the back of the wooden base. Then reattach the cord to the light inside the base. It is recommended you secure the light into the base per the instructions and parts that come with the light. This will ensure it remains securely in the middle of the base to light the lamp evenly.

TIP: Adding a smart plug to the outlet you plug your lamp into will allow you to switch your lamp on and off using a smart phone and also allow for you to schedule your lamp to turn on and off automatically if desired.

Luminaries – Candle Holders

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your item please follow these care instructions.

To Clean: Wipe with damp cloth. Do not soak or scrub. DO NOT USE chemical cleaners. Do not immerse in water.

Storage: Luminaries are created with dimensional textured paint. It’s a normal property of the paint to be soft; this will harden over time but may always have some give to the paint. To store, wrap & pack carefully as you would for any breakable item. When wrapping or storing make sure that hard or sharp objects do not press heavily onto the surface.

TIP: We recommend only using tea light candles as these do not leave wax in the base of the holder.

Art on Glass – (Glasses, decorative bottles, note bottles)

Appropriate care should be taken to ensure longevity and beauty of this one of a kind handmade Art on Glass.  Gentle hand wash only is advised. Soaking, scrubbing, chemical cleaners & dishwashers are NOT recommended. Not microwave safe.

General Care Instructions For Handmade Jewelry

Your handmade piece of wearable art is a one of a kind. Whilst it is made with care and attention, using quality products, it is not indestructible.  Here are some suggestions for the care of your little piece of art – the same care should be taken with all of your jewelry to ensure longevity and lasting beauty.

Jewelry should be the last thing you put on as you prepare for the day and the first to be removed at night. It’s recommended that you wipe down your jewelry before putting it away to remove any dirt and oils.

Try to avoid getting any personal care products on your jewelry, like moisturizer and hair spray as this can make a piece look cloudy or dirty.

Your jewelry may be water resistant, or even waterproof, however you should still remove it before swimming or bathing.  Salt water, chlorine, and other chemicals in water can cause damage to jewelry. Household chemicals such as cleaning products as well as those found in pools and hot tubs can ruin your jewelry, they can even damage gold.

To clean your jewelry avoid jewelry cleaning chemicals as they might not be safe for all the materials in your handmade wearable art. The safest way to clean your jewelry is to simply wipe with a soft damp cloth.  You can add a little mild detergent such as Dawn, if needed. Rinse with clear cool water and immediately pat dry with a soft dry cloth. Do not soak or scrub the piece and do not use chemical cleaners.
Items with resin should not be exposed to rubbing alcohol, as it will damage the protective surface.